bookstore zone out

So, last night was a foggy, chilly night in Santa Monica.  Being someone who did not grow up in southern California, and who actually enjoys the gray days of Autumn experienced by most of the country, I was naturally in a good mood.

After throwing on a warm cardigan, picking up a venti tea at Starbucks, we walked to the Third Street Promenade (an outdoor mall/shopping street in Santa Monica) to spend some time zoning out at Barnes & Noble–I better get a year’s worth of free tea and free books for this!

Naturally, I ended up in the cooking/food section on the third floor of the store after being confronted by an employee for taking a picture of the banner advertising Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen’s upcoming visit/talk/Q&A/book signing on October 7.  I told her I just wanted a picture of the banner so I would remember the date.  After looking at me in a very skeptical and questioning manner, she acquiesced to my humble intentions and allowed me to proceed with my browsing.

It was then when I spotted it.  A book I’ve been waiting for and anticipating for about a month and a half.  As you may recall if you are a frequent reader of this blog, I love making my own jam.  If you have never heard of the Blue Chair Fruit Company, you need to check them out!

Blue Chair Jam Cookbook

Anyway, Rachel Saunders, the marmalade maven who founded the company, has a brand new cook book that was just released called The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook (you can order your copy, and other jams from Blue Chair Fruit Company, here).  I immediately picked up a copy, set my tea on the display table and dove in.

All I have to say is that not only do the recipes sound delicious and there are so many innovative combinations of flavors, but the book is itself visually stunning.  Even if you have no intention of actually trying out the recipes contained within, this would definitely be a great add to your foodie book collection.

The first part of the book deals with techniques, definitions, and instructions for the process of making jams, jellies, and marmalades.  The majority of the book, however, is recipes divided up by month and the fruits that are in season each month.  Each fruit, even lesser used fruits for preserving, have more than one recipe.  I definitely want to try out the Blueberry Jam with Mint.  Sounds delicious!

Needless to say, it was a very rewarding evening and I walked home happy as a clam in the fog!

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  1. We’re so glad to hear how much you like the cookbook — thank you so much! Do drop us a line and let us know how your jamming endeavors go. 🙂

    The BCF Team

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