refrigerator raider

It’s Tuesday.

To me, Tuesday is this weird step-child of a day.  It isn’t loathed like a Monday, for the obvious reasons.  But it also isn’t semi-encouraging like a Wednesday, buoyed by the thought that the weekend is beginning to approach.  It is a numb day with a “let’s just get through this” and “Oh, I thought it was Wednesday today” brand of thoughts.

So, being thoroughly entrenched in this Tuesday-kind-of-mood, I naturally wasn’t fancying the idea of cooking, or at least to make a big production out of it.  Raiding my fridge seemed like the best option.

I had some eggs that I knew I needed to use.  Excellent–scrambled eggs.  Quick.  Easy.  Delicious.  The perfect lazy day food.

So, I sweated some onions with a little salt and pepper, threw in some halved mixed cherry tomatoes, chopped chives and diced piquillo peppers.  Let that get all acquainted and comfortable with each other.  I then added the eggs and…well, you all know how to make scrambled eggs…

Needless to say, topped with a little grated cheese and some Sriracha sauce it was tummy pleasing for sure!


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One Response to refrigerator raider

  1. Karen says:

    I know what you mean about Tuesdays…it’s too early in the week to even think about Friday! I love breakfast for dinner.

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