favorite herbs – sage…makes birds happy

Herbs are, I’m sure you would agree, indispensable in the kitchen.  While salt and pepper pack a mean one-two against blandness, a dish just isn’t complete without a trusty herbal sidekick.

I definitely have my favorites, as most people tend to do.  However, I do unlike most people (I’m assuming–please correct me if I’m wrong) codify my herbs into a hierarchy of preference.  My list is definite.  Concrete.  Carved into stone immemorial like a classical Greek freeze.

I love these herbs so much I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.  In ascending order, of course!  My criteria for my list is very simple, and their place on my top three list is set by my criteria.

What is my standard you may ask?  I’m not sure if you could measure it scientifically, but basically it is my gut “damn that smells good” reaction when I chop the fresh herb.  I know all of you foodies out there know exactly what I’m talking about.  The visceral, primal reaction when you smell something that just makes your mouth water and your eyes roll back in your head.  That’s my criteria–how much of “that” reaction I get when using these herbs.

First up, good old #3.  Sage.

Can you imagine a Thanksgiving without sage?  Neither can I.  Just trying to think about it sends me into cold sweats.  A turkey is just not a turkey without sage.  When flanked by #4 Rosemary (also fantastic, but hey, I doubt you would read a 20 part series on herbs, so let’s stick to the top three, ok?) the turkey soars to culinary heights with the addition of sage.

Sage brown butter!  Fried sage! Sage and olive oil crusted lamb! I could go on.

Suffice it to say, if I woke up one day and all of the sage in the world had been magically whisked away to oblivion I would be one sad, sad foodie.

Coming up next–#2


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2 Responses to favorite herbs – sage…makes birds happy

  1. Karen says:

    I’m with you so far…sage and cilantro get my votes. Wondering what #1 will be…

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