roast chicken

So, last Saturday I had a lovely organic, free-range chicken from Trader Joe’s in my refrigerator clucking to be paid attention to.  I could have cut it up, seared the pieces and made a lovely Coq au Riesling (the Alsace region’s answer to Coq au Vin).  Or, I could have dredged it and fried it for the perennially un-healthy fried chicken.  Instead, I opted for another classic.

Roast chicken and vegetables!

I pulled out my All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster that I got at Williams-Sonoma last year and set about giving some pre-roast love to the bird.  I separated the skin from the meat on the breast and thighs and massaged salt and pepper and a mixture of olive oil, rosemary, thyme, sage, and minced garlic on the meat.  I also spread some of the herb/olive mixture on the outside of the skin along with salt and pepper.

In the roasting pan I added diced butternut squash, potatoes, onion, and leeks.  I seasoned the vegetables with the same herbs as the chicken and added a small amount of chicken stock to the pan.

What I like about this roasting pan is that it has a detachable arm that suspends the chicken over the pan with a liquid reservoir that ends up inside the chicken.  I filled the reservoir with some stock and then trussed the chicken onto the arm.

Then the bird and vegetables were popped in the oven to roast.  With the chicken suspended above the vegetables, the skin gets crispy all around and the chicken juices drip down onto the vegetables, so they get infused with delicious “chickeny” flavor.

roast chicken

roasted vegetables

We had a lot of left over chicken, so the next night we turned it into tacos…but that’s another post!!

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2 Responses to roast chicken

  1. Roxan says:

    Whoa that’s a crazy looking chicken roaster! Looks like it does a great job though… I do love a good roasted chicken. Speaking of roasted chicken, do you have Zankou where you live? So good…

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