favorite herbs part 2 – cilantro…it doesn’t taste like soap!

Well, it has been a while since I’ve done a post, but my flu became bronchitis and I’m finally better and up to blogging again!!

As you may remember from the first installment of “Favorite Herbs,” number 3 was sage.  As we continue the countdown to number 1, the next stop is….cilantro!

If you are familiar with Latin American or Southeast Asian cuisine, you will undoubtably be familiar with cilantro (often referred to as coriander in Europe).  Cilantro adds a lovely “citrus-like” note that pairs well with Latin American and Southeast Asian cuisines as they often employ citrus in their recipes, most notably limes.

Now, there does seem to be somewhat of a “controversy” about cilantro.  Apparently some people do not like it.  I–of course–cannot understand this as the smell of it makes me salivate.  However, there does seem to be some scientific reason behind why some people detest cilantro and think it tastes like soap.  Apparently, there are fat molecules in cilantro that are related to molecules found in soap leading some people to experience a soapy taste.  There is a great article on the New York Times website discussing in depth the dislike that many have for cilantro.

In the end, I do feel bad a little bit for those that don’t like cilantro.  Perhaps because I love it so much.  But, that just means more cilantro for me!

Coming up next….#1  What will it be?  You’ll just have to keep guessing!

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One Response to favorite herbs part 2 – cilantro…it doesn’t taste like soap!

  1. Tiffany says:

    Glad you are feeling better! I too LOVE cilantro, I could put it in everything, unfortunately my husband doesn’t care for it, but that’s OK, there is more for me!

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